About ThermiVa

How does ThermiVaTM work?



ThermiVaTM is a safe FDA cleared alternative to surgery for vaginal rejuvenation (tightening) and laxity (sagging) that can occur on the outside (vulva) using non-ablative radio frequency.

There is no risk of burning the skin as with lasers, no risk of infection or scarring as with labiaplasty/vaginoplasty  and no risk for nerve damage. Using non-ablative radiofrequency, ThermiTM technology allows temperature monitoring and regulation on the skin surface, ensuring that the therapeutic temperature is delivered just beneath the skin to the subcutaneous tissue level where it is maintained throughout the procedure, thus ensuring optimal results.  The heat delivered to the tissue allows collagen production, which causes the tensile strength of tissue to be improved. 

Please see before and after pictures for a visual understanding of how ThermiVa technology works.

Who is ThermiVaTM for?

ThermiVa is a treatment for women experiencing mild stress urinary incontinence (leakage of urine with coughing, sneezing, laughing or exercising). It also helps treat urge incontinence (strong urge to urinate). ThermiVa can help some women avoid surgical treatment with bladder suspension surgeries with mesh procedures or eliminate the need to take bladder relaxer medications. It is also an effective treatment for vaginal dryness. 

Women who have issues with vaginal dryness will find a great benefit after the procedure as well as strengthening of the vagina with improved tightness inside the vagina during intercourse. ThermiVa is an excellent treatment for vaginal dryness caused by menopause or by medications used to treat breast cancer. It is safe and does not use hormones, which some women are either opposed to using or who are not able to use hormones. Some women may have enhanced orgasmic function and find it easier to achieve orgasm.

Many women are candidates for ThermiVaTM regardless of if she has had cesareans or vaginal births or no children. Vaginal rejuvenation can reinvigorate a long term relationship or boost the confidence of a woman who is starting all over again in a new sexual relationship.

Vulvar laxity and sagging that occur with normal aging can create physical appearance issues for some women. ThermiVa is an awesome procedure that produces incredible results to help lift the vulvar tissue. The labia minora (small lips) will slightly reduce in size, however this is not a replacement procedure for women with significantly enlarged labia minora. 

Lastly, for  women who are noticing sensitivity changes  because of not being able to feel their partner inside the vagina, no longer do you need to “fake” feeling him. ThermiVaTM will tighten the inside of the vagina and improve sensitivity of the vagina as well as enhance lubrication. 

So whether you had no children, one child or seven, you can get the sensitivity and tightness back if you lost it or it is decreased. Men have Viagra, and now we have ThermiVaTM.

“Get It Right, Get It Tight”  with ThermiVaTM

Thank you Dr. Red Alinsod, Urogynecologist, for your research and dedication to women’s healthcare and for inventing this incredible procedure.  I am pleased to offer ThermiVaTM to my patients and can give a personal testimony to the effectiveness of ThermiVaTM.